As part of its 150th Anniversary celebration, Brooklyn Academy of Music has commissioned Showpaper to build a living sculpture installation called Brooklyn Shelf Life

In a playful exploration of print as a method of artistic expression and mode of communication in the era of the Internet, we are creating five sculptures that will double as repositories for a series of free, independent print publications. Thousands of posters, publications, and artist books from around the world will be curated, funded, and reprinted in collaboration with Printed Matter, Inc. and Swill Children.

Through our combined efforts, we will be exposing the Brooklyn community to a staggering number of local and international artists. In order to make the print series a reality, we are relying on support from members of the community and from local businesses. Your donation is tax-deductible via New York Foundation for the Arts, and there are many levels of support that you or your organization can provide. Different sponsorship levels will correspond with different visibility packages, including exposure on our website, our printed program, stickers for your business window declaring your support for the Brooklyn arts community, and multimedia hosted on the project website and social media.

For more details, please contact our Development Director, Kyle Marler kyle@showpaper.org

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