Is something truly ‘independent’ if other organizations aid its creation? Can there be freedom within a structure whose purpose is to allow freedom while still remaining a structural presence?

The publications we have commissioned for Brooklyn Shelf Life take these questions as a starting point. Artists and publishers are given a fee and a printing budget; the content they create is up to their own discretion.
—Jesse Hlebo, June 2012

Selected publication participants include:

_ Quarterly
IIIII Columns
Asher Penn
Common Name
Erik Van Der Weijde
Félicia Atkinson
Other Means
Peter Sutherland / Maia Ruth Lee
Pia Howell
Tan Lin
Sumi Ink Club
W/— Projects
Collaboratively curated by:
Jesse Hlebo (of Swill Children)
Printed Matter, Inc.

Showpaper is a free bi-weekly print-only publication which lists and promotes every all-ages & DIY show in the NYC / tri-state area. Each issue also features a full color piece of art by a contemporary artist.

Printed Matter is the world’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of publications made by artists.

Jesse Hlebo is an artist residing in Brooklyn, NY. His work explores the ways in which independent acts are disseminated via mass media. / Swill Children is a small press and record label umbrella attempting to chart the course of sorrow and jubilance.