Leon Reid IV + Noah Sparkes

Inspired by the idea of human knowledge being enhanced through dissemination of literature, the piece reflects a human head with the eyes mouth and ears acting as newsbox compartments.

UFO + William Thomas Porter

"The Beginning if the End"

William Thomas Porter and UFO 907, two Brooklyn based artists and master craftsmen, orchestrate a 3-D realization of the graffiti moniker that has appeared around NYC and the world for the last 17 years. A symphony of wood and metal, a genuine collision of two practices; the UFO is a crash landing as well as an urban sidewalk growth, or a shrine to these chaotic times. Open minds and open thought can be found behind open eyes.

Cassius Fouler + Faust

The infamous El Especialito newspaper boxes blanket New York provide New Yorkers with vital news media such as “Sexy Girl of the week”, “Immigrations laws” and “Lucky Numbers”. Coincidentally Cassius Fouler and Faust also use The El Especialito Newspaper boxes , amongst others, to distribute very important information, that is, their graffiti monikers. In creating a larger than life newspaper box the two hope their names are talked about and read again and again.

SWOON + Ryan Doyle

In a land where honey has been replaced with high fructose corn syrup, seeds have been engineered to become sterile after one crop, and fertilizers and pesticides are constantly flooding our environment, Ryan C. Doyle and Swoon ponder who will step up and protect the queens.

Gaia + Adam Void

The reading shelter and reverse surveillance panopticon, produced by Adam Void and Gaia celebrates names of the infamous scratchitti vandal culture and and the faces of politicians and developers integral to the creation of Brooklyn’s Fulton Street/Metrotech district. Both the handstyles on the exterior of the glass and the information provided inside the kiosk ask the pedestrian to reconsider their notions of blight, beauty, and function.

Curated by Andrew H. Shirley


Andrew H. Shirley is a Brooklyn based multimedia artist who's film / sculpture work has appeared most recently in New York at the Museum of Sex and Fountain Exhibition at the 2012 Armory show. Along with “The Brooklyn Shelf Project” he curated the first two Showpaper newspaper box projects “The Community Serviced” in 2010 and “The Community Serviced Too” in 2011.